Car Tips

It’s always better to fix something before it breaks, the same applies to your car. That’s why regular maintenance is so important on today’s vehicles. Below are some helpful hints and articles that we think will help you maintain your vehicle for years to come.

Change your oil at regular service intervals.

  1. Replace your wiper blades twice a year for streak-free visibility.
  2. Screeching or grinding sounds from your brakes can mean trouble. Make
     an appointment with us to get a brake inspection.
  3. A loud muffler may not just be annoying, it can be dangerous because harmful exhaust fumes may be leaking into the passenger compartment. Have your exhaust system checked as soon as possible.
  4. Brake pads are your friends. Check them regularly.
  5. Maintaining proper oil and coolant levels can help ensure a long life for your engine.

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